Learn the Five Key Elements to a Strong, Profitable Brand


Lesson 1: Understanding the Marketplace (and your opportunity there)

Lesson 2: Getting To Know (& grow!) Your Audience

Lesson 3: Crafting Your Unique Brand Story

Lesson 4: Cooking Up A Killer Content Strategy

Lesson 5: Thinking Big - Beyond the Blog

Wondering What Else?

Oh, we’ve got more (so much more)!

Access to our exclusive Facebook community, where you can ask questions and chat one-on-one with Cookit Founder, Laurie Buckle

Craft your brand position with our valuable guide: “How to Write a Brand Positioning Statement in 5 Easy Steps"

Create your editorial calendar with our customizable template and streamline your content strategy


Alyssa Rimmer, Simply Quinoa

Working with Laurie and her team was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. She helped me see what was possible, gave me a fresh perspective on how I could better serve my audience, and I ultimately walked away with a concrete strategy that will help me grow my business and brand. I’m more excited to create content, more energized to grow my community and I honestly look forward to sitting down to work everyday. It was the breath of fresh air that my business needed and I can’t wait to see where it will take me!

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