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Food blogging, as we know it, is changing. As the old model loses steam, a new one is rising in its place, and we need to adapt to the change! Imagine if your business was already ahead of the curve...


You’ve been blogging for a while now, you’ve got a solid following on social media, and you're earning a decent income - all good progress. But, now what?
You’ve been pumping out content practically every day, yet you're still wondering who your audience really is, who you're actually talking to.
You love blogging but you've lost your True North - your brand story doesn't resonate with you anymore. You're at a crossroads and you're not totally sure what to do next.
You feel like you spend too much time comparing yourself to other bloggers, especially the ones who seem to be growing bigger with every post. What are they doing right? What are you doing wrong? How can you get yourself back on track?

This course is the solution to all the challenges you face as a hardworking blogger

Get Growing

Find out how to build a growth strategy that will help your business expand in ways you didn’t realize it could.

Stop Following

Become a leader in the industry and join the ranks of successful influencers who inspire you.

Open Your Mind

Start thinking differently about your blog and its potential. Discover what brands like Camille Styles have learned about real success and how to get there.

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Working with Laurie totally changed my approach towards growing my business. She inspired me to think big and then coached me in laying out the practical strategies and steps that would bring those dreams to life. My entire team is now working towards the same goals and having a blast as we work together to achieve them!

- Camille Styles

Learn From a Real Pro

Laurie has worked in food media for more than 25 years - at magazines like Bon Appétit and Better Homes & Gardens; with digital brands like the Kitchn; and with publishers like Clarkson Potter. She knows how to create a successful brand story and how to market it.

Laurie founded CookIt Media five years ago, with a goal to helping food bloggers become better businesses. Today, CookIt is one of the industry's most influential marketing and consulting agencies. Our all-women team has decades of experience in the food world, and shares a passion for the business of influencer marketing.

Since CookIt's inception, Laurie has been working one-on-one with influencers like Gaby of What's Gaby Cooking and Camille of Camille Styles to help them become the successful brands they are now. Those success stories inspired Laurie to create this course. Her goal: Spread the know-how and help ambitious, big-thinking influencers like you learn how to become the thriving businesses you aspire to be!


Laurie and the CookIt team helped us see things we couldn't see for ourselves - I’ll be forever grateful for that experience!

- Cassy Joy Garcia, Fed and Fit

Since my CookIt bootcamp, I have a renewed sense of passion for doing what I do every day. 

- Camille Styles

When I wake up in the morning, I have a clear of vision of what I should be doing today. Working with Cookit was so helpful. Like I said, I thought it would all be done after that first branding day, and they kept saying, “We’re going to pin your brand down into a tiny box that you will know it backwards and forwards”, and I was just dubious. I was like, “This is never going to work. I have no idea what you’re saying and I don’t know what my brand is.” By the end, I now feel that way exactly. I’ve pinned it down into a tiny box and I know it backwards and forwards.

- Meggan Hill, Culinary Hill

The CookIt Bootcamp FAR exceeded our expectations. Laurie and her team truly took their time learning our brand, getting to know our audience, and understanding our ultimate vision. They then took those components and helped us see the forest from the trees in addition to the possibilities once a refreshed strategy is applied. We’re walking away with a crystal clear picture of an elevated Fed & Fit, a roadmap to make it happen, and hearts bursting with both inspiration and gratitude.

- Cassy Joy Garcia, Fed and Fit

I highly recommend CookIt Media's Bootcamp to any food bloggers who are trying to figure out how to fine tune their brands or pinpoint what sets them apart in such a highly competitive industry. Working closely with Laurie and her team was incredibly eye-opening. They bring tons of experience and a unique perspective that helped me design the business strategy I struggled to create on my own.”

- Jennifer Farley, Savory Simple

After doing a major pivot from beauty to food I really needed help figuring out how to move forward in the next phase of my career. Going through Brand Bootcamp makes me feel like I finally understand my brand, and what is and is not a part of it. The team was so great to work with, I feel like I went through brand therapy and came out the other side more focused and committed to achieving my goals.

- Theodore Leaf

So many people just jump into something without taking the time to know what it is they are trying to achieve. If you are serious about making your food blog into a business, you owe it to yourself to start out right from the beginning and get your brand and your story nailed down as it is what will separate you from the millions of other food bloggers out there. Bottom line, if you are afraid to do this because you aren’t sure it’s worth it, it is.

- Nicole Schwegman, BFF with the Chef




Five Key Lessons

Step-by-Step Videos

Workbook Resources + Assignments 

Facebook Community for Students




Five Key Lessons

Step-by-Step Videos

Workbook Resources + Assignments

Facebook Community for Students


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